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Welcome to Veggie Groove!

There's a place at our BIG table just for you!

With a name like Veggie Groove, you may think we’re a bunch of hippie farmers from California (well, we do like to eat organic and we do live in CA 🙂 ). We began this mission because we want to help encourage everyone to grow a healthier lifestyle – including you!


We welcome all carnivores, omnivores, and flexitarians + vegans, vegetarians and Whole Food Plant Based people! 

Veggie is about the recipes we share, which are all plant-based. Why? Because they benefit our bodies and the planet (especially the animals!). Making healthier, cleaner choices about what you eat can add years to your life and life to your years. There are so many delicious recipes and flavors to try. Start with Meatless Mondays and try something new!


Groove is for the flow and vibe that being healthier brings into your life – and ripples out from you to others too. Better choices in one area of your life lead to better choices in other areas. Better is always better (and perfection isn’t reality). Let’s celebrate better!


So, explore the site like your own personal treasure hunt of things to find and try and use. We add more every week. 


Also, please tell your friends, follow us on social media, and let us know how we’re doing. This is your community and we want to hear from you! Let’s have some fun, too! Everything’s better when we do it together :).

With thankful hearts and to your health,

The Veggie Groove Team