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Whether this is the first time you’ve considered making a change in the way you eat, or you’re already a vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian or eat WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based), we’ve set a place at our table for you! No matter where you are on your journey, we’ll share and learn and grow healthier together.

We’re not alone! More and more people, worldwide, are taking a serious look at what our food supply has become. What we didn’t know before is making headlines today. Chemicals, artificial ingredients, pesticides, animal medicines (and more) are affecting not only our own lives but the lives of our children – and they will for future generations unless there is a change.

Is there any good news? Yes! One, we can make an increasingly healthy difference in our lives by what we eat – starting right now. Two, we can send a strong message to food producers at the same time.

Both work! There are more studies than ever showing how our bodies respond positively when we eat clean, pure, and plant-based foods. Also, businesses are having to change their manufacturing practices because of us who “vote by what we buy” – and what we won’t buy any more. Corporate greed and profits at the expense of our health have been exposed. The movement to change is growing and you’re a part of it!

That’s just the beginning. We’re just getting started and have lots of great content, recipes, and surprises planned for you. Don’t miss even one! Tell your friends, follow us on social media and let us know how we’re doing. This is your community and we want to hear from you!

With thanks, respect, and to your health,

The Veggie Groovers!

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  Heads Up - Some of our posts contain affiliate links. An affiliate link means we may earn advertising/referral... Read More

Heads Up - Some of our posts contain affiliate links. An affiliate link means we may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through our link, without any extra cost to you. It helps us keep the lights on here at VeggieGroove. Thanks for your support! Read complete disclaimer here.