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Kiss My Face / Thick & Full Shampoo and Conditioner

When I first went vegetarian about six years ago, I lost a bit of hair for the first time ever. At the time, I didn’t know about the importance of adding a B complex vitamin to my diet, since I wasn’t getting my Bs from animal protein any longer. I began taking one and the issue stopped. Like all of us, I’m not getting any younger, either. Whatever!

All my life (except when my Mom cut my hair in a pixie as a little girl before I had any say in the matter) my hair has been long and with long hair comes lots of tangles. I’ve used expensive beauty supply store products and I’ve used common drug store/big box store brands – but almost all got to a point where they made my hair too “coated.” I’d change brands and it would work for awhile…

Recently I was at that point and ran across this: Thick & Full Shampoo and Conditioner from Kiss My Face. It’s for fine, thinning hair. It’s also Vegan and Cruelty Free (yay!).

When I used it the first time, I thought I wouldn’t like it. Besides, the ingredients listed on the front of the bottle were Ginko Biloba, Curcumin, and Apple Cider Vinegar! The shampoo was clear and had a very light (but very pleasant) fragrance. The conditioner was white and almost the consistency of liquid cream – how could that possibly work?

After my hair dried, it felt more clean than it had in a long time, which made it look healthier too. The “coating” was gone and my hair was “free” and dare I say – swingy. I realized how much I had been buying hair care products mainly for their fragrance and the super creamy detangler that was also waxing down the cuticle of my hair and coating it. I forgot what really clean hair felt like! My hair even stays cleaner longer.

Pro Tip: Brush your hair before getting in the shower to take out the tangles. Take your time when combing through your hair with the light conditioner after shampooing – it’s not as creamy as you’re probably used to – but that’s a good thing!

Buy the Shampoo Here 

Buy the Conditioner Here

Note: My hair is straight and though I have quite a bit of it, it’s on the fine side. If yours is more coarse and/or curly, check out their full line of products at


From their label:

16 fl. Oz. (473 ml)

Clean & Cruelty Free Since 1983

No Parabens

No Artificial Colors

No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates

No Phthalates

No Mineral Oil

No Formaldehyde Donors


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